Nana Patekar Provides Aid : Families of Farmers Lost to Suicide Relieved!

Nana Patekar Provides Aid : Families of Farmers Lost to Suicide Relieved!

Nana Patekar a well known Bollywood actor, is known for his fine acting skills irrespective of what role he plays. Apart from acting, Nana Patekar is also known for helping the poor and economically weaker sects of society. One such humanly act of this veteran actor, was seen on 24th August when he gave Rs.15000 each to the families of farmers who have committed suicide.

Nana Patekar along with Makarand Anaspure extended a helping hand towards 62 farmer families, helping the kin of the deceased farmers in Vidharba region of Maharashtra. Socially active Patekar has also initiated conversation with families and made himself accessible to them,“If you ever think of committing suicide, please give me a call first,” said Patekar.

The actor in an interview said that he handed over the money himself, as he did not believe in sending money through another channel. He has also visited widows of around 112 farmers and is now planning to connect with 700 people in the areas of Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Jalgon, Aurangabad, Usmanabad, Jalna, Nanded etc. After this noble gesture, Patekar doesn’t think it’s a big deal and adds, “Whatever I have been doing for the suffering farmers is not a big deal, everyone one of us want to help other and I am just fulfilling my duty towards society”.

A steep rise is being observed in farmer suicide cases across India. A report suggests that every 32 minutes a farmer dies in our country. Maharashtra alone share about a quarter of these suicides, and has recorded as much as 1306 deaths last year. The deaths recorded till now are 40% more than the previous year.

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