Narendra Modi Interview Highlight: 2 terms or 10, I will work for citizens of country till last breathe, not Hindus or Muslims


With days left for the much-awaited Lok Sabha Elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an exclusive interview to ABP News which was aired on the channel on April 5 at 8 am. During his pre-poll interview to ABP News’s Sumit Awasthi and Rubika Liyaquat, PM Modi flawlessly spoke on all the hotbed issues pertaining to upcoming polls. The discussion includes issues such as NDA’s victory strategy in the elections, Congress manifesto, Ram Mandir, Nehru-Gandhi family etc. The interview was scheduled for around an hour which later got extended for another 30 minutes as the discussion went on length. During the interview, PM Modi also spoke about economic and national security issues such as demonetisation and its affect on economy, allegations related to Rafale fighter jet deal and others.

Taking on questions with sheer confidence, PM Modi during this exclusive interview also put forward Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) views on the forthcoming elections and also claimed that not just his party but BJP’s allies will bag more seats than the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls. In case you are not able to access your television, ABP Live brings to you a detailed copy of Prime Minister’s exclusive interview.


  1. PM Modi on Sedition laws: We have ended 1,400 laws. Congress party has registered cases of sedition in TN protests against nuclear power plant. We have to keep trust in the justice system,” said the prime minister.
  2. Talking about Nirav Modi & vijay Mallya and his extradition: Prime Minister Modi said, “the fugitives are being jailed because of measures being taken by BJP, the fraud has been happening for years but it was caught by us and people like Nirav Modi & Vijay mallya will be in Jail as soon as he’s brought to India.
  3. PM Modi on launch of NaMo TV: PM Modi said, “I haven’t had the time to see the channel.” But he added saying that, ” I am sure the people of the country have started believing now that Modi doesn’t favour the corrupt.
  4. PM Modi on Ream Mandir: PM Modi says, “It’s not just me but everyone wants Ram Mandir to be built.” We can only wait for the Supreme Court’s decision to find a solution for it.
  5. Modi on Muslims Trust on bjp:  I have done nothing for the Muslims but neither have I done anything for the Hindus. But I aim that by 2022, each and every family in this nation will get a shelter to live. There will be electricity be it Hindu or Muslim. I follow ” Sabka saat, sabka vikas.” There’s no place for religion in my government.
  6. Modi on Rahul Gandi Name: PM Modi says, I come from a very ordinary family, I can’t take ” Big names”. I have been made the Prime  Minister by the people of this nation”
  7. Pm on SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh: Modi says, “there is a pro-incumbency wave this time. I am part of the public and I will be in support of them. Parties joining together does not prove public’s opinion.
  8. PM Modi on Congress accusation of Gandhi family: When asked about Congress Party’s election stratergies, Modi said, ” Why is this party, which is almost 125 years old, facing a crisis to elect a good leader.”
  9. Modi on Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into politics: Modi said, “In Democracy, anyone can contest from anywhere. I don’t fear about who are contesting from where,  it  doesn’t matter to me.”

10. PM Modi on Pakistan: Attacking the Pakistan government, he said, ” Pakistan should stop sponsoring terrorism.” coining the phrase “Hindu terror”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said the party’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections was a “document of Pakistan’s conspiracies” Tearing into the Congress and TMC, Prime Minister Wednesday accused them of strengthening Pakistan-based terrorists by questioning, demoralising Indian security forces and said he would stand like a wall between such attempts and national security.




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