#NationalFoodDay: What does it mean? How can you celebrate this day?

Brian K. Diggs/AMERICAN-STATESMAN - Ellie Addison, 5, is overcome by all the junk food that inundates the American child's diet. 12.23.03

Food is what we earn and hustle for! It is the most important constituent of your life. We live on it, we grow on it and we crave it. Today, being the National Food Day, we must reiterate the importance of Real Food (which is free from preservatives and other artificial essences).

National Food Day, which is annually observed on October 24, reminds us of ‘eating real’. Eating real implies cutting back on sugar, salt, and fatty acids. It also puts a huge impetus on binging whole grains, fruits, and natural proteins.

It also integrates and binds everyone with a vision of healthy living and smart living with the proper intake of food items that replenish and nourish. It also focuses on sustainable living for people, animals, and environment.

So if you haven’t planned how you would spend #NationalFoodDay, then no worries. You can pick any organic vegetable or fruit and cherish it (It would be more effective if you are stress-free while you eat it). You can also have your favourite dish with a toss of some natural elements tossed into it.



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