After Nirav Modi, it is his uncle Mehul Choksi whose corporate sins are being unraveled

Nirav Modi has been quite in the limelight. It is now time for his uncle Mehul Choksi, owner of Gitanjali Gems who is under the scanner.

Strange facts about the company are being revealed as his firms are under close examination. Just yesterday, it was discovered that the directors of the companies helmed by Mehul Choksi are chawl dwellers. The residential address details of Mehul Choksi’s companies are that of chawls in Kalyan, Dahisar, etc.

On inspection, directors were found to be general employees who were insisted to become the top company members on paper. These innocent employees who happen to be directors of these multi-billionaire companies are not even able to suffice their family needs. This is the disparity between forged paper and the grim reality.

The people living in the slums are having a tough time as the CBI and ED have decided to investigate all the people linked to the big multi-crore scam. One of them whose father has been named as the directors also said, “I know my father will never be able to get out of the mess although the owners will roam around freely abroad. “He has not done anything wrong, nor is he in hiding. He is in Kerala to look after his ailing sister. We will cooperate with the investigators and appear before the CBI whenever we are summoned,” one’s relative said in clarification of the so-called director.

The case is only getting murkier and murkier by the day. Some mysteries unraveled and some stories told are making new headlines every day. The case of Nirav Modi has taken a toll on the markets as well, which is closing in red for days now. Now, this news of Mehul Choksi might create a stir across the Indian market too. Is more to come? We’ll have to see!



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