No India for Indians: Free Kasol Cafe Faces Discrimination Charges!

With less than a week after India celebrated its 69th Independence day, to mark the end of the tyrannical imperialist British control over the motherland, an outrageous news involving discrimination against an Indian in India has surfaced from at a cafe in Kasol. The incident, which took place at the hilly village and popular tourist hub, at a cafe called Free Kasol is a restaurant run by an Indian one in a throng of other Israeli cafes in Kasol. The incident involved writer Stefan Kaye visiting with his friend, who the restaurant owners refused to serve, allegedly on grounds of being Indian, but promptly offered to help Kaye when he asked for assistance.

Free Kasol Cafe
Image Source: Stefan Kaye

The incident has sparked outrage among Indians and international visitors alike, seeking apologies and expressing disappointment at the discriminatory treatment encountered. The village in Himachal Pradesh receives a large number of tourists each year and the presence of Israelis in Kasol is rather staggering. Here Stefan Kaye, the non-Indian accompanying his Indian friend who was subject to such discrimination vents out his disgust on Facebook.

“This restaurant in Kasol is called ‘Free Kasol’. The freak asshole who runs it refuses to serve Indians. I walked in…”

Posted by Stefan Kaye on Monday, August 17, 2015

This comes as a surprise to most Indians as Kasaul or Kasol is a favorite getaway for many Indians, who love to lose themselves in the peaceful untouched natural beauty of the scenic village. Only a couple of kilometers from the Kullu, this village in Himachal Pradesh entertains hoards of Israeli nationals, who visit the peaceful village as tourists in search of ‘Nirvana‘, and is often referred to as ‘Little Israel’. While the pretext for these visits is somewhat ironic in the current situation, these reports have left a large number of Indian natives who frequent the lovely hill station worried, and they feel somewhat threatened in their own motherland with a hostile Israeli ghetto colony. Another friend of the individual subject to mistreatment voiced her anger and opinion on Facebook.

“So, some Israelis have set up a cafe called Free Kasaul in Kasaul, and deny Indians admission. Our friend was denied…”

The incident is not one of its kind and Indians have often reported experiencing hostile behaviour in the village, located in the Parvati Valley from the tourist population, which seems to have taken over the village. This report of segregation and discrimination against an Indian in their own nation is bound to cause some trouble for the minuscule population of Kasol, and has not gone down well with the citizens. Though Sinha did update her Facebook page that they went back to question the cafe managers and workforce and received an explanation which doesn’t appear very convincing.

 “Channel 10 News spoke with me, and said if Free Kasol was indeed turning away Indians, they were ashamed. I had gone…”

no entry for indian in kasol israeli cafe

While we hope there will be some answers for this peculiar behaviour soon, as the owners haven’t released a statement yet, and legal actions will follow if the reports are true, what we wish most is for kasol to remain the undiscovered and peaceful haven it is.



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