Opposition Observes Black Day in India, Rahul Becomes a Subject of Joke Again

Black Day in India: Opposition in their full 'gangsta' mode.
Black Day in India: Opposition in their full 'gangsta' mode.

After the failed outcomes of ‘Aakrosh Diwas’ last month, this time it’s Black Day in India for opposition members, especially the Gandhi family. Opposition parties, led by INC staged a Black Day protest in India against demonetisation, near Gandhi statute in the Parliament. While opposition leaders were putting in intense efforts to make it a success, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi’s stringent attack on PM Modi’s decision was something we were expecting. Needless to say, ‘Rahul baba’ didn’t fail to amuse us with his slippery tongue and limited IQ. With Rahul devising a full form for Paytm, he became the subject of jokes on Twitter again. It was fun to see hilarious memes and tweets pouring in from all four corners of the world.

Rahul Gandhi delivered a fiery speech on the occasion of Black Day in India today.
Rahul Gandhi delivered a fiery speech on the occasion of Black Day in India today.

What did Opposition do on Black Day in India?

Opposition leaders from CPI, TMC, JDU, CPI(M), SP and Congress sported a black band on their arms on the occasion of ‘Black Day’.  The event was scheduled one month after the PM announced demonetisation on November 9. While they may not have accomplished what they aimed for (which is revoking the decision) but they pretty much started a new gangsta’ style statement with dramatic dresses and all.

Large outcries and funny posters were followed by RG’s fiery speech, wherein he tried to target PM. Here is a summary of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘not so intelligent speech’.

“PM’s decision of scrapping out currency from the market was indeed a foolish thing to do. He didn’t explain exact reason for implementing it on the society. First he started by saying that demonetisation was a tool to fight black money, then he shifted to terrorism, fake currency and finally came down to a cashless economy. We saw him laughing and having a gala time when the entire country was suffering. He’s clearly running away from debates, but if he comes to the House, we won’t let him go this time”, said Rahul.

Then came the award-winning statement,

“Paytm means  Pay to Modi”.

Needless to say, Rahul was slammed on Twitter for this acronym. Here’s what the Twitteratis said:

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While Rahul may have raised some important points on currency crunch affecting the market, the opposition is clearly not faring better than the ruling BJP. The Parliament has failed to hold any session since last month because of uproar caused by the opposition. The bottom line is, all political parties are more or less concerned about their personal agendas, common man’s wellbeing is certainly not on the cards for anyone now.



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