Shocking: Padmavati or Padmavat: This movie is not what you thought? Sanjay Bhansali played a game. Read More!

Padmavat not Padmavati. Yes, the most controversial film of a decade is based upon an epic titled Padmavat. The movie which has landed itself in troubled waters is an aesthetic visual presentation of an epic composed by medieval Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi about 477 years. Smells fishy right?! A tale which was written and publicised 477 years back is now being ridiculed and challenged for its authenticity.

The entire drama ahead of Padmavati release is clearly a marketing gimmick to garner maximum eyeballs and earn complimentary publicity. Afterall, all this drama isn’t costing anything to the makers. Is it? It is infact, exposing their film to a larger audience and building up curiosity for the film across the country. What a deliberate attempt at the cost of creating havoc for the countrymen. Given that the company has spent crores of money on the making, it is perhaps taking miser steps in marketing the film.

The Jaipur Clan up in arms: What How and Why

As far as the Jaipur clan is concerned, it has created an upheaval at the theatres, nearby residents and leave that, even the movie cast has been blackmailed and mentally tortured. Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that this is the same Jaipur clan which allowed the film to shoot at their various forts and palaces despite knowing the script and their contention with the same. For what? An enviable and an unbelievable amount of money!

Yes, that’s how dirty it could get.

Peekaboo into the world of Padmavat

According to the epic Padmavat, its protagonist Padmavati was considered as the most beautiful woman of her time in the lands of Singhaldweep. She was emotionally attached to her parrot named Hiraman who she had befriended.

Padmavati’s growing friendship with Hiraman got to the nerves of her father and he ordered the parrot to be killed. However, Hiraman escaped death and flew away. He got caught by a bird catcher who sold him to the king of Chittor, Ratnasen.

Ratnasen kept him as his pet. Hiraman then narrated the beauty of Padmavati to Ratnasen. Consequently, he developed a deep love for the queen, which instigates him to see her. He then planned a clandestine visit to Singhaldweep.

A well-planned shock mechanism for the innocent public

Who could have thought that a story revolving around a parrot would become the most controversial topic of 2017? Not only that, it’s existence and genuineness is being questioned after 477 years is nothing but spooky.

Governments of all different states are being pulled into this matter. The social fabric is being torn apart and the overall administration of states is being disturbed. While Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu government have banned the film, other state governments are mulling the idea of doing the same to avoid adverse effect on the law-and-order situation.

There are two reasons why the film is not being banned countrywide. Firstly, the movie is a form of representational art and secondly, the governments and the public at large take cognizance of the hard-work of actors who have put their heart and soul into making it. Nonetheless, rejection of creativity and entrance into a zone of ‘no-tolerance for change’ only reflects poorly on the society.

Government’s job is to decide the fate of a story?

The larger question, however, is “What is the government got to do with the movie and its release?” Why is the legal framework being questioned amidst the confusion? The government’s administrative powers are above and beyond the clutches of deciding the fate of a story, while it is busy producing a progressive story for the nation. The government’s involvement at this level isn’t decorous and fails at justification. Doesn’t it?

It is the Government’s job to ensure social harmony and peace. Law & Order is a state subject and governments are within their right to take steps to ensure the rule of Law. In Democratic governance, it is important that all communities and their sentiments are taken into account.



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