“Want Deepika Padukone’s Head… Saved”: Kamal Haasan tweets

Amidst the Padmavati row which has gripped the nation, celebrities are adding their inputs to how the situation be dealt with. Actor Kamal Haasan who is about to debut in Indian politics took to Twitter to express his feelings.

He said he wanted to save the ‘head’ of Padmavati star Deepika Padukone who has been subjected to massive trolls and hatred for playing the role of Padmavati in a film which is allegedly claimed to play with history.

Kamal Hasan was shocked to read a tweet from a Haryana BJP official on Sunday which announced a whopping 10-crore rupees for the heads of Ms. Padukone.

Kamal Hasan replied:

“I want Ms.Deepika’s head.. saved. Respect it more than her body.Even more her freedom. Do not deny her that.Many communities have apposed my films.Extremism in any debate is deplorable. Wake up cerebral India.Time to think. We’ve said enough. Listen Ma Bharat.”

The makers have already delayed the release of the film which was initially expected to release on December 1. Many politicians and lawmakers have urged the makers to ban the film. Madhya Pradesh, J&K and few other cities have already banned the film.

Not only this, The Rajput Karni Sena, which is spearheading the protests across several cities, has said they would punish Deepika Padukone the way Lakhshman punished Ravana’s sister Surpanakha in the epic Ramayana – by chopping off her nose. Their shocking comment had also received an endorsement from Mr Amu. Ms Padukone’s security has already been scaled up.

The burgeoning battle of Padmavati has already disturbed the law and order situation of the country. Governments of all different states are stressing about the film and its release. If the film is released without the approval of Karni Sena and Rajput community, the country may witness a major upheaval. The present is just the trailer.



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