Patanjali Kimbho App Removed after French Hacker Calls it a Security Disaster

kimbho app

Just one day after the launch of Patanjali Kimbho app by Baba Ramdev, the messaging application has been removed from the Google Play Store. It’s being reported that the app has disappeared because it was just the trial run. Officials have confirmed that the app will be re-launched once the security issues are fixed.

Apparently, within hours of its launch, the Kimbho app was not only criticized for being a “security disaster” but the website also stopped working as it couldn’t handle the traffic. French hacker Elliot Anderson was the first one to point out all the drawbacks of the app ranging from its description to its security. He even tweeted that he can easily access the data of all users.

Some users also revealed that the description was copied from another messenger app Besides, the feedback section of the app was filled with negative comments and people.

Interestingly it was the official page of Kimbho that announced the launch and even claimed it as a Swadeshi messenger that would compete with WhatsApp. However, when so many security issues came to light the spokesperson said that it was just a trial run and the launch will be scheduled later.



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