Path chosen by Opposition can lead to anarchy, PM Modi

PM of India, Narendra Modi
File image of Narendra Modi
PM of India, Narendra Modi
File image of Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in both the houses of Parliament and cautioned that such attitude against the CAA by the opposition parties will create a state of anarchy in the country.

He was sharing his thoughts on the debate in the Lok Sabha on the Motion of Thanks to the President for his Address to Parliament and that’s where he accused the Opposition of instigating people. He once again assured the members that no Indian citizen would be impacted by the implication of CAA.

He accused Congress of creating a Kalpanik Vai (an imagined fear) which is trick used by Pakistan to influence Indian Muslims.

Mr. Modi pointed out the fact that the National Population Register (NPR) had been introduced by the UPA government itself in 2010 and now Congress is misleading people despite its being a ‘routine administrative exercise’ that was used to identify the beneficiaries of government schemes like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Opposing the NPR was similar to “opposing the poor beneficiaries”, he said.

“This path will create problems for you [the Congress] as well as the country. I am issuing this warning because we should all be concerned about the country. If the Rajasthan Assembly passes a law but none in Rajasthan is ready to obey it, take out processions and resort to violence… your government [the Congress] is there…What will be the situation? In Madhya Pradesh, you are there. If the M.P. Assembly takes a decision and the people of the State go against it… Can the country run like this? Should we go on the path to anarchy,” Mr. Modi asked in the Lok Sabha.



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