Play on glorifying Nathuram Godse in BHU, Complaint filed

At the three-day cultural festival of Banaras Hindu University, a play on Nathuram Godse has been staged. In this play, the assasinator of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated. The event was organized by BHU’s Faculty of Arts called Sanskriti 2018. This play was based on the Marathi play I, Nathuram Godse Speaking. In this play, Mahatma Gandhi was held responsible for Partition.

The video of this play went viral. After this, a complaint has been filed with BHU and the district administration about the play that’s glorified Nathuram Godse and justifying Gandhi’s assassination. A group of students had written a letter.

In the letter it was written, “He laid the foundation for the idea of Satyagrah and enjoyed a good bond with the founder of BHU Madan Mohan Malviya. That Gandhi was insulted in BHU while Godse was eulogized. Yeh rashtradroh se kam nahi (this equals to sedition).”

image credit: tripadvisor

Srinivas Pandey, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Professor of Hindi, said, “I have to enquire into the incident. I have not heard of it. That said, there is nothing wrong in such portrayals. Everyone must be respected and loved, these are our mahapurush. We must respect them.”

In fact, it is also said that this play seems to be a conspiracy to tarnish Gandhi’s legacy. Hence, strict actions are required to be taken in this manner.



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