PM Modi inaugurated The Fifth Global Conference On Cyberspace 2017, Launched UMANG App

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the fifth edition of the Global Conference on Cyberspace today in New Delhi, largest ever which India is hosting the first time. The two-day summit will be attended by international leaders, policy makers, industry experts and cyber wizards for nearly 120 countries, gathered to deliberate on issues and challenges for optimally using of cyberspace.

In the inauguration of the conference, PM Modi recalled the speedy evolution of cyberspace from bulky mainframe computers to pocket size smartphones today. He said “We all know how cyberspace has transformed the world in the last two decades. The seniors would recalled the bulky mainframe computers of the seventies. E-mails and Personal Computers brought a new revolution in the nineties. Change continues perhaps in a faster phase now. Cyberspace has transformed the world in the last few decades. Expressions like IOT and AI have now become common.”

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He adds that digital technology has emerged as a great leveler. It was helping in shaping future of businesses and economy. It has created a flat world. It was possible for a developing nation like India to compete with developed nations, only because of technology.

The Ministry of Electronics and IT had said “various activities and events during the GCCS 2017 will expound on how cyberspace is transforming our lives, how we live, govern and create value. This year’s theme is Cyber4All. There are four sub-themes also Cyber4InclusiveGroth, Cyber4Digitalinclusion, Cyber4Security, and Cyber4Diplomacy.  

Credits: India Today

In the event, PM Narendra Modi also launched the UMANG app. A one-stop mobile application that provides integration with popular customer centric services like Aadhaar and Digilocker. He said ‘We are using mobile power or M-power to empower our citizens. We are using the digital domain to facilitate participative governance or Jan Bhagidari. It is our firm belief that there are millions of Indians whose transformative ideas can go a long way in taking India to new heights.”  



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