PM Modi Breaks Silence on Kathua and Unnao Incidents, Promises Justice will be Served


After a huge uproar and anger that swept Indians over the horrendous acts that took place in Unnao and Kathua, PM Modi finally broke his silence on Friday evening. He posted a series of tweets stating that whatever happened is shameful and also assured Indians that justice will be given. He also directed that it’s the boys who should be interrogated and not the girl.

Although he didn’t mention the words Kathua and Unnao, his words clearly were targeted on the shameful incidents that have become the reason for huge embarrassment for the nation.

It was the inauguration ceremony of Dr. Ambedkar National memorial in Delhi when PM Modi decided to break his silence on the heinous crimes that have raised questions about humanity. Besides assuring justice, he also urged people to work together towards getting rid of the social evils. He said if girls come home late they are asked where they have been but the same questions should be asked of boys as well.

Talking about the Kathua rape case, it took place in Jammu 7 Kashmir’s Kathua city where an 8-year-old girl was abducted, sedated, and raped repeatedly before being murdered brutally by 6 men, one of them include a minor. Some believe that it was a strategically plan crime over religious clashes. What makes the crime even more preposterous was the fact that the little girl was kept and raped in a temple.

Another one is the Unnao rape case whereby a teenage girl was raped by a BJP MLA in June 2017. In order to demand justice, she had to protest outside CM Adityanath’s house and filed a complaint. His father was arrested and reportedly died in custody. As of now, CBI has arrested the MLA after a daylong interrogation.

It’s nothing new for us as a nation to witness such heinous crimes but sadly we have learned to ignore such sensitive issues. The most important thing is that we look up to our judicial system in the hope that justice is served and expect the government to address such issues immediately. The entire nation is looking up to PM Modi in the hope of getting justice for all such victims and hopefully the needful will be done this time.



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