PM Modi remembers Jagjivan Ram on his birth anniversary; Who is Jagjivan Ram?

Jagjivan Ram
Jagjivan Ram

Today is 111th birth anniversary of Jagjivan Ram. He belonged to Dalit community and made several reforms for them. His workings for India are unforgettable. On his birth anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered Babuji Jagjivan Ram and his contributions for the nation. He tweeted,

“Self-made and industrious, the contribution of Babu Jagjivan Ram can never be forgotten. As a freedom fighter and veteran administrator, his service to India was impeccable.
Babuji was a true democrat, refusing to bow to authoritarianism. India remembers him on his Jayanti.”

Know who is Jagjivan Ram
Called as ‘Babuji’, Jagjivan Ram was a Union minister and a prominent Dalit leader. He had devoted his entire life to promote equality in the society. He was born on April 5, 1908 in Chandwa village of Bhojpur district of Bihar. He had faced several troubles throughout his life due to casteism.

Babuji was the Defence Minister from June 1970 to October 1974. He was also the Deputy Prime Minister between 1977 and 1979. He had initially worked with Congress but after emergency declared by then Indira Gandhi, he had left congress and joined the Janata Party. He was 4th deputy prime minister of India.

Achievements of Jagjivan Ram
He had multiple achievements in his life. He was amongst the founding members of the All India Depressed Classes League which worked for attaining equality for untouchables. He was not only the youngest minister in the interim government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru but also the first Labour Minister of the country. It is not a joke to be a parliamentarian. He held the world record 50 years between 1936 and 1986 in that.

jagjivan Ram
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