PM Modi, speaking in Kashi, was of 5 years old; Will be the result of the next 5 years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed power by performing Mega Road show and Ganga Arti in Kashi on Thursday. After this he presented the report card of his 5 year work in the field while addressing the people of Kashi. In his address, the PM said that the last 5 years were of Khushartha, the result of the next 5 years.

The PM said that five years ago when I stepped on Kashi’s land, then I had said that the mother Ganga has called. Kashi has given so much love. People ask what Modi did in Kashi, but I want to ask what Kashi has made me change.

If there were terrorist attacks in the Crisis Mukchan Temple, Ayodhya, Akshardham temples. Here, the mind melts in remembrance of the cowardly killing of devotees. There is nothing other than the then government talks. PM Modi said that the new India gives a strong answer to terrorism. Terrorism is now shrinking in a small part of Jammu and Kashmir. Underestimating the challenge of panic for a moment is injustice to the country.

He said that when I came to Kashi on 17th May 2014, there was a question in my mind that whether I will be able to satisfy Kashi’s expectations, but today it seems that the world is experiencing Kashi’s change with the blessings of Baba. Kashi blessed me for becoming an MP only PM. Gave me the strength of faith of 130 million Indians. For security, prosperous and happy India, security is important as well. I have not been convinced that the change is only meaningful and permanent when the people’s mind changes. To practice this human mind, penance has to be done. I believe that at this time India is also in the period of penance. He is taking care of himself and in this sadhana we are all a servant, a seeker.

When I came to Kashi long ago, at that time it was very painful to see the road from the airport to the city. Reaching the city, repeatedly faced with the dangers of lightning wires. Think about why there is a pile of dirt here. I can say today that we are experiencing the collective efforts of all of us and Kashi’s change with the blessing of Baba, including the whole country including the Kashi. I can say today that we are experiencing the collective efforts of all of us and Kashi’s change with the blessing of Baba, including the whole country including the Kashi. It is really good luck to get an opportunity to serve our heritage, the symbol of our faith, Baba Vishwanath and Ganga Maa.

We have also moved a lot in the direction of making the mother Ganga pure and uninterrupted. I have said before that even without a wish of Baba, there is not even a leaf shaken here. I am only an excuse. PM Modi said that we are engaged in resolving all sections of the country, every section of the country. The last 5 years were of a male child, the result of the next 5 years.

Earlier, the PM Modi arrived at the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, located at Babatpur, at 4.30 pm on Thursdays for Mega Road Show and nomination in Varanasi. At the airport, he left for helipad from BHU to helicopter, where he reached at five o’clock in the evening. After this, he started a road show by placing a pooja on the statue of Pt. Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya at 5.00 p.m. on the lion gate in Lanka. After this, Kashi rebuked with Modi-Modi’s melodramatic slogans with Har-Har Mahadev and Jai Shri Ram. When the convoy passed through the road, people also greeted the PM by showering flowers. When the road shows came to Dashashmeshh Ghat, PM Narendra Modi made a commitment and bowed to Mother Ganga and participated in Ganga Aarti.

After Ganga Arti, PM Narendra Modi also addressed the workers and office bearers at Hotel de Paris at 9 pm. Called the activists to be active in the election season and the opposition also surrounded them. He also reiterated his commitment to the security of the country. For the cleanliness of the Ganga, where he kept the government’s priorities in front of the public, the PM also cited his development work for five years and expressed his preference for the schemes of public interest. While presenting the account of the five-year tenure of the PM, the PM also urged the workers to come forward for nation building.

At around 5.45 pm PM’s roadshow arrived in the eighty area through Lanka. At the eighty intersection, the party Kashi welcomed the PM in the middle of the shower of flowers with conch and arti. After this, the next stop of PM road show reached Bhadaini area at 6.15 p.m. The Road Show, when it reached Bhadanei, because of the night, the road show was forwarded to the PM’s vehicle by lighting the lights on his face. PM’s convoy reached Madanpura at 7 pm and after that at 6.30 pm, PM’s convoy came to Godola, where the workers welcomed the PM by loud slogans. After this, PM’s road show ended at Dashashmeshh Ghat and ended at 7.45 pm. Here, along with PM Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, CM Yogi Adityanath and state BJP President Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey joined Ganga Arti.

Since the road show started long since the proposed time, the PM also now joined the late Ganga Arti. The time of Ganga Aarti at Dashashmedh Ghat is 6.30 pm. But due to the involvement of the PM, Dashashmeshh Ghat was completed at 8.35 pm on Sunday night. Earlier, during the entire road show, millions of people were present from the Lanka Gate to Dashashmeshh Ghat to welcome the PM. At the same time, several ministers, including BJP National President Amit Shah, Keshav Maurya and Pannier Selvam, also joined the Ganga Arti at Dashashmeshh Ghat in the evening.

Meanwhile, Congress candidate Ajay Rai, along with his supporters, rose up to six o’clock in the evening on Goddaulia, the policemen present on the spot tried to stop them. Because of this, due to the confrontation between the workers for quite a long time, the administration also got scared. However, the dispute was also quieted after administrative officials allowed him to speak on the matter of Kashi Vishwanath Darbar Darshan Poojan.

Before this, the Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, Prakash Singh Badal, former MLA Shyamdev Rai Chowdhary and Jyotsna Shrivastav’s additional party office bearers also reached Babtpur to welcome the Prime Minister. At the same time, before arrival of PM Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s helicopter also arrived at BHU helipad. Several Union Ministers in Kashi including BJP’s veteran leader of several state’s states are also present for PM Narendra Modi’s nomination.

PM Narendra Modi, as MP from Varanasi, started the much-awaited Mega Roadshow in Kashi from around 5.00 pm on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party for the candidacy of his second innings. In this mega road show held in PM Narendra Modi’s parliamentary area, a picture of small India was also seen and the cultural heritage of Ganga-Jamuni Tahajib is also being shown. In place of the PM’s masks, the workers of the party workers came on the streets early in the morning and shouted slogans in support of their favorite MP. The PM’s visit continued to be live on the social media account of the party. For this, the team of BJP IT Cell was active only a day ago. Before reaching Varanasi, PM Narendra Modi tweeted and shared the information about his organizational activities in Kashi on social media.




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