PM Modi : Success of Mission Shakti cements India’s position as Space Power

Today- 27 March 2019 has been marked in golden letters in Indian History. The largest democratic nation has become a Space Power. Today at 12:25 pm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation after a quick notice. PM announced that India has become a Space Power by successfully completing ‘Mission Shakti’ today. Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully tested Anti-Satellite Missile (ASAT) by destroying a satellite within 3 minutes in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)- just at a 300KM of distance.

‘Mission Shakti – it was a very tough operation. It required high levels of technical expertise. Scientists have achieved all set goals and targets in this operation.’ PM said.

Further, PM Modi describe in a tweet that why MissionShakti is special-

India has become 4th Space Power in the world after America, Russia, and China by completing Mission Shakti today.

PM Modi congratulated scientists of DRDO for this tremendous success. ‘We proud of our scientists.’ said PM Modi. PM Modi said that success of Mission Shakti has cemented India’s position as Space Power and it is a proud moment for the nation.

Why Mission Shakti is a triumph for the country?

PM Modi said, ‘In the world, the importance of space and satellites will keep growing in different spheres. Perhaps it will be difficult to manage in life without them. It is important to protect these machines. Today’s ASAT missile will give new strength to India. I want to tell the world diaspora also, this new skill is not against anyone. This is a defensive move. India has always been against weapons in space. This policy has not changed. This test is not in violation of any international laws. This is only for the protection of the citizens of this country and this region.’

He added, ‘See this step as a direction towards peace and protection. It is important to move forward and prepare ourselves for future challenges.’




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