PM Modi to reveal ‘India Handloom’ Brand on August 7

National Handloom Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be releasing the ‘India Handloom’ brand to distinguish the artisans and workmen of the Handloom industry. This marks the second big public step after the much-riveted ‘International Yoga Day’. It is the first National Handloom Day in India, to be held on August 7, launching in an event in Chennai. PM Narendra Modi is gearing to unleash the “India Handloom” brand so that this art could occupy a global market place. For many, it looks like a very needed attempt to give India an opportunity to highlight the work of the artisans who are taking this as a legacy.

The endeavor of PM Narendra Modi to give an ingenious platform to the local weavers comes as a wave of relief. This event may help in awakening the hidden hopes of many handloom workers. The roots of a country like India, attached with the Handloom Industry, this event may just shine like a bright ray of hope.

The Union Textile Minister was reported saying, “It will help in promoting handloom as a genuine international product of good quality”.

The event is reportedly taking place in the Centenary Hall of Madras University. The date August 7 holds a prominence in the history of India as “Swadeshi Movement” was launched on the same date in 1905.

The event will also witness an exhibition by the awardees of handloom niche wherein their masterwork will be exhibited. This a hats off move by PM Narendra Modi, to provide a platform to honor the craftsmanship of several who were never recognized before. The exhibition will take place in the adjacent senate building of Madras University.

It brings into light a new vision by the PM to celebrate the National Handloom all over the country and state government will imbibe its cooperation for the execution.

The event will also showcase honoring many with the Sant Kabir awards and National Awards for the year 2012, 2013 and 2014 to discern the various handloom artisans. It will be an ingenious talent exhibition and we’re expecting it to be lauded by one and all.

Vividness being knitted the character traits of our PM Narendra Modi, and he comes out each time to hit a new chord. “Make in India” is the new way, and these little known art workers are the real gold in the mine. Get ready to mark one more day in your calendars with “National Handloom Day”.



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