PM Modi’s Visit to UAE : Highlights!

PM Modi's visit to UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UAE visit was not on the cards and planned only on the PM’s urging. Considering the slow progress of the domestic sector and the parliamentary affair, PM Modi trip is aimed at attracting impactful investment. However, PM Narendra Modi is in Dubai to spread the message of Indian power, saying in his speeches “Don’t see India as a market, it’s a Power.”

The Indian immigrants, who now account for about 30% of the UAE’s population and are responsible for 20% of India’s remittances are part of  PM Modi’s agenda. On this visit to UAE, he certainly looks to open talks for improving their living conditions and minimizing the exploitation of the migratory Indian labor force, 40% of UAE’s labor force.

modi's visit to uae
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UAE has turned out to be a ‘dualist economy’, where there are low paying jobs for unskilled labor forces along with the white collar force of IT, finance and Technology. The market in UAE is outshining and the wealthy and rich, as they prepare to pave the path for the inspirational strategies.

The official grounds on which PM mode will be deepening his roots during the stay is Abu Dhabhi’s extravagant oil-financed sovereign wealth fund that accounts for $800 billion assets. In the past, UAE investors had withdrawn investments from India due to the ‘legacy issues’ and the giants in the market who played an important role are Etisalat, TAQA, DP World, and EMAAR. PM Modi will be reassuring the marketers and convincing them of the new India under him and of the productive and profitable Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy.

While PM Modi is looking for the 1 trillion dollar investment for India, his pure vegetarian streak is taken care by star chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who was flown all the way to Abu Dhabi to cook delicious meals for the Prime Minister. Sanjeev Kapoor made a special delicacy in the dinner hosted by Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) that controls the wealth fund of $800 billion and the world’s second largest sovereign wealth fund. To make it Indian and authentic, he prepared a Royal Gujarati Thali for the  PM and a special cuisine for other dignitaries.

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Star Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was honored to cook  his mouth-watering delicacies before the honorable dignitaries. PM Modi made a visit to Masdar city, on his second day, which is based on renewable resources and clean tech sector. Also, a staggering number of people, over 51,000 are expected to listen to the PM at the ‘ Marhaba NaMo’ event. We wish that this trip of our honorable PM to UAE results in a huge investment in India.



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