Prime Minister Narendra Modi praises Rajasthan for Tree Plantation Campaign

Narendra Modi - Tree Plantation Campaign

India is on the verge of change and Indian politics is a dynamic reason for this change. Since the day, Narendra Modi has acquired the position of Prime Minister of India, every day; we are witnessing a new transition in the Indian Politics scenario. The people are now talking about development; they are concerned about a revolution in the old techniques. The politics and the background of each politician are being discussed and people are electing their representatives with a much greater knowledge and aspirations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the role model for many and it is right to say that even the people who don’t support him are influenced by him to a great extent.

Like India got Narendra Modi, Rajasthan also got a charismatic political leadership in the form of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. The way she is walking on the path of development and prosperity, not only Rajasthan, even Narendra is proud of her. Her vision of progress for the state is unmatched which she proved with the launching of her dream project “Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyaan (MJSA)”. The project is heading towards making Rajasthan a resourceful state in terms of water.

Both the ideology and planning of the scheme are made with such parameters that it has already started solving the water problem in many regions of Rajasthan. The work is so distributed and managed that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appreciated the MJSA campaign in his radio program “Mann Ki Baat”. The first phase of MJSA has been successfully completed in the state with the successful construction of water harvesters at the different villages and regions of the state.

Now the state is witnessing the second phase of the program, with the launch of Tree Plantation Campaign. The tree plantation campaign is being organized by Vasundhara Raje to plant as many as 25 lakh plants in the state to have a long-term solution to the problem of Rajasthan relating to water.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appraised the campaign running in the state to convert the desert state into a green state in his Sunday episode of Mann Ki Baat.

He said that it is very courageous for any government to initiate efforts at this level and pledge for the plantation of 25 lakh plants in the state is not a minor thing to do. Organizing and running a tree plantation campaign on such a huge scale and taking this responsibility is not an easy task for any Government.

The basic idea of this campaign is doing dense plantation near around the areas where the water harvesting centers were constructed during the MJSA campaign. The campaign started some days ago when Vasundhara Raje launched it in the small village of Roopura Baldiya of Jhalawar district. PM was so impressed with the model of MJSA that he even said that it would be a role model for the entire country and also directed ‘Niti Aayog’ to assist Rajasthan Government in every possible way.

The tree plantation will be done on the massive scale and 61 thousand hectares of land will be used which comes under the Forest Department. Almost two and a half million trees will be planted with the synergy of common man to whom 1 Crore 30 lakh saplings will be distributed for plantation.

It would be an example for the whole country that if you wish and aim for something, hard work can even lead you into converting a desert state into a green state.



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