Police Acting as Rioters in Gujarat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Radio program Mann Ki Baat thanked people of Gujarat, for helping administration in taking control over the quota protest. He said, “My Gujarati brothers and sisters played an active role in and did not let the situation worsen and peace was restored in a very short while.”

Apart from the fact that peace has been restored in many cities of Gujarat, a shameful act of Gujarat police department came to light. The cops were seen vandalizing vehicles in many localities of Ahmadabad and Surat. The cruel act of police department was revealed in number of videos shared through various social media.

On one hand where the Gujarat administration has enforced curfew in Ahmadabad and Surat for the sake of maintaining law and order, on the other hand cops have been held responsible for damaging property worth lakhs of rupees.

In these videos released on social media, cops can be clearly observed breaking windshields of cars parked in various colonies, hammering two wheelers on the roadsides and beating civilians brutally.

Ahmadabad ranip sitalvadi soc

Posted by Krutesh Patel on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This is police

Posted by Krutesh Patel on Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The Gujarat administration once requesting peace and maintaining law and order, has not taken any serious action against the cops involved, especially when their own are behaving like rioters. Those who have to suffer the loss, caused due to undisciplined police is parallel to the loss caused due to curfew.

The Patidar/Patel protest for reservation has left country in a shock, affecting daily life of many people connected through business and trade within state. But these unacceptable acts are carried out by the police department is also not justified. If PM can request fellow Gujarati help in maintaining law & order, than he can even question police department for shameful deed of its officials. One can even say that, cops by carrying out such act have added anger among the masses.





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