POLL: A second term for PM Modi means a better future for us, citizens say

Narendra Modi is the force which everyone beckons with; his valour and policies have steered the country in several aspects. From curbing black money to delivering electricity, homes and living essentials to one and all, he has spread a lot of goodness across the country, which is why people have elected him as the PM for 2019 in a recent opinion poll.

Over 50% people said that NaMo will have a second term; these people trusted him for the betterment of the country. The people also believed that a second term would act as a major boost to the country.

The survey was conducted by ‘Dailyhunt’, and Nielsen India, a data analytics company. This company integrated the opinion of over 54 lakh respondents. Over 63 percent respondents in an online survey expressed their “trust” in Narendra Modi.

“Sixty-three per cent of the respondents expressed more or similar levels of trust in Narendra Modi as compared to 2014 (when he came into power), representing satisfaction in his leadership capabilities for the last four years,” the survey findings statement read.

However, waking up to this was quite difficult for Congress as the poll mostly indicates the truth. In angst and frustration, here is what Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said: “A desperate Modi government has lost the faith of people and is facing imminent decimation in five poll-bound states. It is now only using its ill-gotten financial resources to latch onto fake surveys to find legitimacy. Such wasteful surveys will never prop up a government that has already been rejected by the government.”

“A better future” is what people think they will get if PM Modi assumes power again. Well, only time can tell if he would win the elections again but given the schemes and welfare done by PM Modi, the poll may manifest into reality soon.



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