People of Port Blair are paying the least price of petrol; Maharashtrians are paying the highest. Here’s why!

Whether or not you are an Indian, you’d know that the petrol prices are on a rampant rise, across the globe. However, what’s to note is that the petrol prices are varying in different states and regions. Would you like to know where are the petrol prices lowest and highest in India?

Without much ado, let us tell you where would you find the cheapest and the highest price of petrol. Starting from the highest, it is Maharashtra which has the highest price of petrol, pegged at Rs 90.45. The same fuel is priced at its lowest in the country throughout the lands of Andaman and Nicobar islands, where petrol is available only at Rs 69.97 for a litre of petrol.

The difference between the petrol prices in two different regions of the country is Rs. 20, which comes down to a huge difference if we talk about the middle class and lower class. These prices are different due to multiple factors – including transportation cost, VAT or local sales tax rate.

If you don’t already know, the price of petrol comprises a world of taxes like the central excise duty, state sales tax or VAT. In addition, there is transportation cost and dealer commission to add to the original cost of petrol. All these additions almost double the price of petrol. Port Blair charges only 6% VAT rate on both petrol and diesel.

Here are the states which have the least petrol prices. Lucky are the people of these cities.

Port Blair Rs 69.97

Panjim Rs 74.97

Agartala Rs 79.71

Here are the states which have the least diesel prices. Lucky are the people of these cities – What do you think?

Port Blair Rs 68.58

Itanagar Rs 70.44

Aizawl Rs 70.53

How much does increased petrol prices affecting your business and lifestyle? Is it causing a big hole in your pockets or do you think it is all temporary and you choose to remain calm? Let us know in the comments section below!



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