Actors like Kangana, Priyanka, Sidharth who endorsed faulty brands like Nirav Modi may land in serious trouble

Nirav Modi’s brand ambassador’s list ranges from Hollywood’s most sterling actresses to Bollywood’s most revered artists and celebrities. From Priyanka Chopra to Siddharth Malhotra, the Nirav Modi’s group has roped in the crème de la crème of the industry. On the other hand, some brands of the Gitanjali Group like Gili, etc. have been endorsed by Kangana Ranaut, Kriti Sanon and others.

These celebrated actors may land in serious trouble given their endorsement contract and their ignorance towards promoting faulty brands.

As a brand ambassador of PNB, Virat Kohli has been the target of many allegations and accusations pertinent to the 11000 crore scam case. Although it is quite reasonable to understand that the brand ambassadors would not be able to track all the bank activities (considering the bank itself couldn’t do the same).

A few years ago, it was Dhoni who was alleged to be involved with the faulty Amrapali group, for which he was also a brand ambassador. “No brand ambassador would have known about it. However, the unfortunate side of being a public figure is that he or she finds himself or herself in the firing line. This is inescapable,” N Chandramouli, chief executive officer, TRA said.

Santosh Desai, MD & CEO said, “I find this whole debate irrational,” says Future Brands. “How would a brand ambassador know of something like this? Senior officials were not aware. The investigative authorities were not aware. How would the endorser then know?”

“This is not to say that the endorser should not do due diligence. But I find this argument completely out of place,” says Desai.

With eye-opening cases like the Nirav Modi scam case, PNB cheating case, Mehul Choksi scam, celebrities, and actors are becoming increasingly cautious about signing endorsement contracts with brands. The most noteworthy point is that these brands are not just normal brands but high-profile brands.

Nirav Modi, the kingpin of the Rs 11,000 crore scam had reportedly left the country a month before the PNB scam had surfaced publicly. Likewise, Mehul Choksi too flew with his nephew to United States. Another scam case involving Rotomac surfaced just after Nirav Modi’s case. What happens to the celebrities involved with these alleged companies still remains to be seen.



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