Protests against Citizenship Amendment Act lived through pictures

New Delhi, Jamia Islamia University
Protests at Jamia Islamia University in New Delhi
New Delhi, Jamia Islamia University
Protests at Jamia Islamia University in New Delhi

There are two types of protests going on in India against the Citizenship Amendment Act in India. In the northeast region of India, the protests circulate around the implementation of the act in their area which many fears will cause a rush of immigrants which in turn will change the demographic uniqueness of the area. Whereas in the rest of India, like New Delhi, West Bengal, Kerala, people are protesting for the exclusion of muslims from the act which goes against the principles of the constitution.

The protests erupted in various parts of the country after the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was passed by both houses of Parliament and received Presidential assent afterwards. The Act gives citizenship to six minority refugees barring muslims who escaped religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and entered the country before December 31, 2014. This clear gesture of discrimination against muslims has been widely criticised. The amended Act has put the entire Northeast region and West Bengal on the boil as people fear that it might exacerbate the problem of illegal immigration.

War-like situation was created during protests in New Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia, number of parts of Assam are on lockdown, several peaceful demonstrations against the Act were held in various parts of the country and many more protests have been planned in the coming days across the country.

While protesting citizens are shouting azaadi slogans led by Student turned politician Kanhaiya Kumar, reading out constitution of India and singing songs.

Protests in Assam
CAA protests in New Delhi
Protests in Tripura
Punjab also joined in the protests
Protests in West Bengal
Protests in Nagaland
CAA protests in Kerala


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