Radhe Maa – The ‘Oh My God’ Connection!


The curiosity with Radhe Maa does not seem like it’s dying down anytime soon. Though there seem to be fresh controversies involving the Self-Proclaimed God-woman everyday, the majority of people keeping the Radhe Maa obsession alive are doing so through trolls. While the list of trolls and memes is endless, there seems to be another important piece of information that’s garnering a lot of buzz.

radhe maa omg

Turns out the character of  poonam Jhawer in ‘OMG – Oh My God!‘ was based on the self-styled spiritual saint, Radhe Maa and this fresh news snippet has sent the jokesters in a frenzy as they produce humorous post after post at the cost of Radhe Maa’s religious authenticity. The news in fact offers fuel to the brewing controversy revolving around how much truth lies in the ‘pure and pious’ persona of the Hindu saint and the claim appears pretty ironic, if you have seen OMG!

The film is a satirical comedy, with good winning over evil in the end. While Radhe Maa has declared that if she were found guilty she would set herself ablaze, very few can vouch for the authenticity of Radhe Maa, especially with the history of people and their spiritual facades in this nation *Ahem Asharam Babu ahem*.  However, If such is the case with Radhe Maa, given her fascination with Bollywood, there might be some interesting events round the corner and we can’t wait for the drama to unfold!



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