Rahul Gandhi a ‘clown prince’ who keeps lying and in self delusion believes it to be true: Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of “concocting” falsehood and said he had never even seen fugitive jeweller Nirav Modi in person, let alone meeting him in parliament and helping him escape from the country.

Election-effect: Congress is starting the blame game, as Rahul Gandhi has crammed up a couple of anti-BJP lines to repeat in his rallies. Little does he know that content is the king, and more so, the truthfulness of the content makes the difference.

Rahul Gandhi is saying big statements, leveling big allegations on the BJP ministers. This habit of him has made everybody call him a “clown prince”. Not only this, but he also publically wondered this: “he lies a dozen times and then in self-delusion believes it to be true or is it a case of a ‘Clown Prince’ out-clowning himself?”

On Rahul’s allegation on FM Jaitley for helping Nirav Modi, FM Jaitley said: “I do not recollect ever having even seen Nirav Modi in my life. The question of his meeting me in parliament does not arise. If he came to Parliament, as Rahul Gandhi claims, then reception records would show that. Where have I admitted all this Mr. Gandhi?”

“I did not pay any heed to him and coldly told him to make his proposal to the bankers. This he (Gandhi) says constitutes a meeting where he told me that he was escaping to London. Absolute lie,” Mr Jaitley added.

Mr Jaitley further wrote: “How does he (Gandhi) concoct this falsehood? At the Hindustan Times Summit, he referred to a meeting he had with me and attributed same statements to me. When asked I merely said that ‘I can’t answer hallucinations. I am in the distinguished company of President Macron’. Today I feel it is much more than hallucinations. Is it a personality issue where he lies a dozen times and then in self-delusion believes it to be true or is it a case of a ‘Clown Prince’ out-clowning himself?”

Jaitley claimed that Rahul Gandhi was ill-informed, saying that has become the second largest manufacturer of footwear in the world. Our exports in footwear are about Rs 20,000 crore each year. He just has to take a trip to Bahadurgarh on the outskirts of Delhi to realise the competitive nature of India’s footwear industry, he said.

Will Rahul Gandhi buy a lie-o-meter and stop the possibility of BJP taking a jibe on him? Well, only time can tell.



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