Rahul Gandhi is a master in fabricating stories, BJP says. Will his lies translate into a win or a big loss for him?

Rahul Gandhi at KPCC General body meeting-Rahul Gandhi attended the KPCC extended General body meeting at Jnanajyothi auditirum at Central college, in Bengaluru on Monday.Also seen CM Siddaramaiah.

Rahul Gandhi is in Rajasthan to promote his party and speaking his heart out while addressing a ground with almost no audience. That is fine as long as there were Congress party workers making up the audience.

Rahul Gandhi has been quite active in the desert state; has been running a lot of campaigns and rallies in this land. They are using a lot of force, money, and resources to pull up these rallies. Everything was almost going right for him until he spoke. (obviously!)

He also became a fodder of slam and jibes when he was caught lying about BJP, and fabricating stories, whether it is Rafale deal or EVM machines. He has supposedly tried to spread lies about PM Modi and Rajasthan government.

Even Congress supporters, these days, are coming out to raise their objection against the lies of Rahul Gandhi. The Congress President recently spoke out in the lands of Jhalawar and Kota.

In response to the fabricated stories by Rahul Gandhi, BJP said that Rahul doesn’t know anything about the government, the problems of the public and what the incumbency has done for the public.

Rahul criticized the BJP government for not working on the education standards and ignoring farmer’s loans. The reality? Well, the education standard has improved manifold under the governance of BJP, is what the facts say.

The state education department claimed that the quality of education by 8 to 20%. Here is what the media wrote.

This is what the Rajasthan government did to improve the education standards: The RERC was tasked to supervise education from pre-school to upper primary (class 8) in SSA while the RSEC was assigned to look after education from classes 9 to 12 under RMSA. SMSA has been prepared with the higher goal of bolstering school standards, which translates into equal opportunities for schooling and equitable learning outcomes.

Rahul Gandhi has raised his voice, but his words are still the same. The Congress party has nothing more to speak to the people of India; it is just the same issues they pick up every time – say Rafale deal or demonetization.

What will one get out of lies? Only time should tell if these lies translate into a win or a loss.



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