‘Rahul Gandhi won’t be the PM candidate in Lok Sabha election 2019’

Congress’ heavyweights P Chidambaram and Salman Khurshid said that Rahul Gandhi won’t be the prime ministerial candidate in Lok Sabha elections. Determined to form the Mahagathbandha to defeat the BJP former ministers opened up in this regard. ‘The Congress never said that Rahul Gandhi will be the PM face in 2019.’ Chidambaram said.

Former finance minister says- Congress never announced that Rahul Gandhi will be the PM candidate.

It feels like senior leaders have a hunch about how people will respond towards RaGa’s candidacy.

To curtain it, Chidambaram said that projecting a prime ministerial candidate is not absolutely necessary and several leaders have been made prime ministers without being named as prime ministerial candidates.

Chidambaram and Khurshid’s remarks came days after Gandhi said that he will become prime minister if allies want him. He further added, ‘the first step is for all parties to get together and defeat the ruling BJP.’

We wonder how hard it is to defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party?

Congress- A jittery house

It is well known that the Grand Old party has been projecting Rahul Gandhi as the PM face indirectly because Congress doesn’t have any leader who can be the face for PM’s candidacy. But RaGa recently said that ‘we have had the discussion with allies and what we decide is that this is a two-stage process. ‘One is to get together and defeat BJP and stage two is, once the election is over then we will decide what happens.’ he explained.

Interpreting Chidambaram’s statement as a sign of defeat, Central minister Shahnawaz Hussain said, ‘This only means that Congress has understood that it can neither defeat the BJP nor can it stand anywhere close to the party.’

However, the people of any democratic country should know the prime ministerial face, so that they can vote in the favor of their desired PM candidate. BJP doesn’t have any hidden agenda about the candidates. In addition to that, the saffron party has a strong and deserving prime ministerial candidate.

It may be hard to accept for the Congress, but this is the fact that currently, they do not have a strong face who deserves to become prime minister of the country.



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