Rahul Gandhi’s unusual analogies on Coca-Cola and Mc Donalds to woo voters

Rahul Gandhi

It seems quite funny that Congress president Rahul Gandhi wants to be PM of India. He is not very wise when it comes to facts and figures. He is also famous for his not-so-smart analogies. At several occasions, he talks illogical and becomes butt of ridicule. He again got trolled for his stupid remark over entrepreneurial brands like Coca-Cola and Mc Donalds. Know more

Rahul Gandhi
image credit: NBT

What’s the matter
Rahul Gandhi was recently addressing a convention of OBC workers of the Congress where he wanted to criticize Modi government. In terms of entrepreneurship, he attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies. He wanted to say that Central government did not provide the right opportunities to backward classes for entrepreneurial drive. Hence, he cited the examples of successful American entrepreneurs like Coca-Cola and McDonalds but took the analogies too far.

His statements on Mc Donalds, Coca-Cola and top automobile companies                                                  He said that the owner of Coca-Cola used to sell shikanji while the owners of McDonald’s ran a “dhaba” before becoming opening Mc Donalds. His speech became funnier as he described the previous work background of top automobile companies owners like Ford, Mercedes and Honda. He called them mechanics. He said their countries have meritocratic system under which their skills were recognized and they were allowed to prosper.

He said that Indian dhabawallahs or mechanics do not lack knowledge but doors of banks and politics are shut for our ‘dhabawallahs’, mechanics, ‘dhobis’ and other backwards. He attacked Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and RSS’s Mohan Bhagwat. He further said that India cannot be run by these three. It will be run by its people, its youth.



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