Rajasthan assembly elections 2018: BJP female workers want 33 tickets for polls

Rajasthan assembly elections 2018:

Rajasthan assembly elections 2018 are scheduled to be held on 7th December. Talking to the women empowerment in Rajasthan, the changes can be seen in the state’s political scenario. Previously, there was less participation of women in state elections but this time, this trend has been changed. Discussing about the female leaders in the state, they want tickets to contest. Know more.

BJP female leaders in Rajasthan state
In Rajasthan, the BJP Mahila Morcha wants the party to give tickets to at least one female in every district. Similarly, Congress female leaders in the state are demanding 33 per cent of the tickets. In fact, the leaders from BJP said that they are in better situation than Congress female workers.

BJP said that the party had given tickets to 26 women in last election. But, this time, women ask one ticket for one woman in all 33 districts across the state.

Rajasthan assembly elections 2018:
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Tickets given to women for Rajasthan Assembly Elections
In the Assembly election 2013, BJP had given women the chance to contest elections on only 13 per cent of the assembly seats. Last time, 26 seats out of 200 assembly seats were given to women and out of them, 22 women won the assembly elections.

In 2008 assembly elections, BJP had given about 16 percent tickets to women while the Congress had given only 11 percent ticket to the women.

Assembly Polls 2008
Congress:male 177 and women 23 (Total 200 seats)
BJP: Male 161 and women 32 (Total 193 seats)

Assembly Polls 2013
Congress: Male 176 and women 24 (200 seats)
BJP: Male 174 and women 26 (200 seats)



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