Rajasthan BJP asks Congress to clarify stand on Ram Temple issue

Condemning Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s remark on Ram Temple, Rajasthan BJP asked Congress party to clarify its stand. Tharoor said, ‘no good Hindu would want the Ram Temple in Ayodhya by destroying somebody else’s place of worship.’

During the feedback meeting of Rajasthan BJP in Ranakpur, BJP leader Onkar Singh Lakhawat asked Congress for the stand. He said, ‘The BJP not only strongly condemns this statement but also demands that the Congress clarifies its stand on the Ram Temple issue.’

On Tharoor’s remark, Congress spokesperson R P N Singh said whatever Tharoor said was said in his personal capacity. The party believed that the verdict of the SC on the Ram Temple issue will be binding on everyone.

Lakhawat said, ‘The Congress cannot distance itself from the remarks saying they were made in the personal capacity. The remarks were made to send a message.’

Tharoor’s stirring remarks of the Ram Temple issue

Image source: moneycontrol.com

 Shashi Tharoor made the stirring remarks at an event in Chennai on Sunday. He said, ‘As a Hindu, obviously, I’m conscious that a vast majority of my fellow Hindus believe that Ayodhya was the specific birthplace of Ram. For this reason, most good Hindus would want to see a Ram Temple at the site where Ram was supposed to be born. But I also believe that no good Hindu would have wanted that a temple be built by demolishing somebody else’s place.’

However, he later claimed that his remarks were distorted out of malice. ‘I condemn the malicious distortion of my words by some media in the service of political masters.

It is well known that Shashi Tharoor has a long history of his provocative remarks of the periodic burning issues. The Ram Temple is the new target of MP Shashi Tharoor to attract some limelight in this election season.



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