Rajasthan CM’s dream project – Dravyavati becomes reality

Yesterday was a big day for the state of Rajasthan – the golden project of Dravyavati River was inaugurated. The project has been executed by the Tata Projects Limited. It is a rejuvenation project which encompassed the beautification of the river, which was otherwise stinking.

The Dravyvati project is worth a whopping amount of Rs 1676-crore project and includes construction cost of Rs 1470 crore and 10 years maintenance of Rs. 206 crore. Stretched over a 47.5 km, (rain fed) riverfront, the project has converted the water space from stinking water to clean water.

The major aim is to reduce pollution, promote green spaces, create jogging tracks, a safe track for joggers, etc. The other important aim is to treat sewage (as much as 170 million litres) – all of which will contribute to making Jaipur a smart city. Interestingly, a cycling track of 38 kilometers, plantation of plants, shrubs, and 17000 trees was built. This will ensure clean air for one and all; making Jaipur a city which outpaces others in cleanliness and beautification.

Vinayak Deshpande, Managing Director, Tata Projects Limited said, “This project will become an example for river rejuvenation in India. It was executed in a short span, had many challenges and learnings for us.”

Vaibhav Galaria, Jaipur Development Commissioner said “This is one of the largest and most complex project undertaken by Jaipur Development Authority. It had many complexities, including those of right of way, financing, and legal hurdles.”

What all is interesting – there can be a list! But the three gardens has caught everybody’s attention – has been developed at the Bird Park in Sikar Road, Landscape Park at Shipra Path, and at the Botanical Garden in Bambala encompassing around 1 lakh meters of lush green havens.

There will be i-kiosks and five Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), combined capacity of 170 MLD, which will be installed parallel to the river.

This project aims to contain flood discharge, realign original route of the river, remove all encroachments, reclaim valuable land, and enhance value of properties at impact zones. This will result in wealth creation.



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