Rajasthan Digifest Udaipur: The World of Tech taken to another level altogether. Dive into the highlights!

Rajasthan Digifest has proved to be a dreamy vision for all tech-lovers. It is a slice-of-life into the technological advancement which is happening across Rajasthan. Here are the major highlights of the Rajasthan Digifest which will stun you and make you fall in love with this fest even more.

Robot narrated the details about Bhamashah Yojana

The robot clad in white colour captivated CM Raje by his quirkiness. He started performing yoga asanas and charmed everyone with his ability to virtually assimilate fingerprints, voice and photo.

Amer Fort looked more beautiful through those 3D glasses

CM Raje took the chance to wear those technology upgraded 3D glasses. The advent of virtual imaging was taken to another level through this wonderful device which made appear every fort even more mesmerising.

Flagged-off two Annapurna Rasoi

The highly useful Annapurna Rasoi has been appreciated and utilised by the public to its fullest potential. At the Digifest, CM Raje launched two more Annapurna rasois so more benefit could reach the Aam Aadmi.

Rajasthan, first at providing Hindi Mail ID service

Have you ever read a Hindi mail ID? No right. At Rajasthan, people were introduced to an all-new Hindi mail-id service. This is a huge milestone mapped in the journey of Digital Rajasthan.

Abhay Command Centre at Udaipur

The Rajasthan Digifest at Udaipur ushered in a wholesome of happiness for the lake city. The city now has its own Abhay Command Centre –  a policing initiative which has delivered magical and unbelievable results in other cities like Jaipur.

Various other power-packed beginnings

CM Raje inaugurated the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Multipurpose Indoor hall on the M.B College Ground worth Rs 7.23 crores. Various other inauguration works worth 10 crores in the Udaipur city.

Comprehensive & Unique Stalls at Rajasthan DigiFest

At the Rajasthan Digifest Udaipur, CM Raje dived into the variant worlds of e-Mitra, Bhamshah wallet, IVYP portal, Raj-SIPF portal, Single video system and E-auction at all the stalls which were lined up at the festival venue.

Here are the various tweets which reflect how Rajasthan DigiFest has a great influence on people’s lives.


The Rajasthan DigiFest is way beyond words an information It is an unforgettable lifetime experience where people get hands-on unseen devices, unfelt technology and are mesmerised by stories unheard of. This is world of tech taken to another level.  It is one-stop for all mind-boggling technology and everything tech you could think of. Rajasthan Digifest is the future with a vision.




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