Rajasthan Government Gives Green Signal to Construction on Private Lands in the Hills


Rajasthan govt has given nod for the construction on private lands in the hills in the urban areas of the state. The Urban Housing Development (UHD) Department and the Directorate of Local Bodies (DLB) jointly framed bylaws under the new regulations that will allow private landowners to carry out construction in the hills.

This move by the Rajasthan govt will make way for the construction of houses, resorts, hotels, etc in the hills. There are many districts like Udaipur, Dungarpur, and Banswara where private parties own land in the hills but currently, there are no bylaws that allow legal construction in these areas.

The local bodies will also allow construction on lands that are marked for plantation or hill conservation areas but at the same time, they will be required to adhere to the bylaws. Anyone found guilty of violating the bylaws will have to face legal proceedings.

As per the bylaws, there are certain conditions imposed on the private parties regarding the construction.

• Only 20% of the total land can be used for construction and a green belt will have to be built in 50% portion.

• For the construction of G+1 buildings i.e. buildings with a ground and first floor, there has to be an approach road measuring 3 to 6 meters in width.

• For G+2 buildings, the approach road must be 6 to 9 meters wide.

• Constructing G+3 buildings of up to 15 meters height will be allowed provided that the width of the approach road is more than 9 meters.

• No construction will be allowed in the 5-meter periphery of any river or lake.

• A 30-meter wide plantation strip will have to be reserved by the owners for the conservation of hills.

• Private landowners will have to make sure that the construction doesn’t block any natural sewers and also to construct water harvesting structure.



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