Rajasthan Revolutionizing Services Through Digitization

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“In this digital age we have an opportunity to transform the lives of people in ways that was hard to imagine just a couple of decades ago” Prime Minister of India said. As far as the Indian context is concerned, like everything else, the technology story too have two different sides. The technological contribution has led to an immense growth of GDP in the country, yet it took many years for the politics in India to realize the magic of technology and to adopt it in practice. Digitization today is the key to development. Brands who fail to improve their experience at every touch point run the risk of losing the loyalty of customers and this improvement in today’s modern scenario can only be done through digitization.


Adoption of technology, especially in the government domain (which has a mass rural interface) has been rather subdued and dawdling in the uptake. But the Indian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched one of the biggest digitization programs that promised to turn the table around, completely. The program was launched on a scale like never before. It was in August 2014 when the BJP government launched Digital India. It is a comprehensive and a key initiative program by the BJP government that aims to change the lop-sided scale of IT adoption in the country. Without doubt internet is one platform that is the fastest in connecting people and areas from different corners of the world. The program essentially came out to be a turning point on the core idea of laying a digital network. With an aim of making every activity of the government transparent and delivering the services in timely manner, the program was launched with 4 major key areas: Rural Broadband for All, Universal Mobile Access, WiFi in Varsities, Public WiFi Hotspots.

During his speech at the Silicon Valley, America, PM Modi said, “we must bridge digital divide and ensure digital literacy.” Every state in the country started moving ahead towards the path to digitization by adopting practices and making every government activity online and as transparent as possible. Rajasthan too, under the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje started moving towards the ultimate goal of not only digitalizing the government programmes and projects but also educating people (urban and rural) about digitization. Vasundhara Raje initiated some projects that were aimed at the state’s development in rest with digitization. Raje and her team have started some key projects to uplift the IT sector of the state, moving towards the dream of making Rajasthan the next hub of technological innovations in India.
Following are some of the major key initiatives that were started by the BJP government in the state of Rajasthan under the leadership of CM Raje.

E-Mitras: The Rajasthan Government is serving their citizens through providing various facilities online. The govt of Rajasthan and NIC team of state has started the website with name of Emitra / e-mitra for all common people to get the benefits of services by the government. The e-mitra works under the e-governance of state Rajasthan and had covered 33 districts till now to make the commutation between public private partnerships. The website gives the safe and secure gateway through the client servers based application for payment and it has connected in thirty three districts in state. Citizens can get the various facilities payment, bills, passport registration, certificate verification, certificate for caste, income etc.

eSign: eSign is an online electronic signature service which allows all Aadhaar (U.I.D.) holders to digitally sign a document and all Government Officials to electronically authenticate, authorize and sign the deliverables and documents. All the departmental applications can integrate with Raj eSign. It allows easy and secure way to digitally sign information anywhere, anytime, Facilitates legally valid signatures and it is Flexible and easy to implement.

IT Policy: Aimed at leveraging Information Technology for implementing eGovernance initiatives benefiting the residents of the state, the policy was launched emphasizing on development of public, government departments and promotion of IT/ITeS/ESDM/Robotics sector. The objectives of the policy include providing Information Technology for good governance, promotion of economic development of State by enhanced investment in IT/ITeS/ESDM/Robotics Sector, IT related human capital development and establishing secure and green IT environment in Rajasthan.

Bhamasha Yojana: Bhamashah Scheme works to install the required mode of financial independence in the women of Rajasathan. CM Raje believes in the concept that if the financial powers are given to the women of the house, not only will the house be managed properly but there will be upliftment of every individual. Through this scheme female heads of the families are given the authority to avail all the monetary aid s which is provided by the government through well implemented Bhamashah Cards issued on the name of the family members. This scheme has put an end to the gaps and leakages and now the entire money is directly transferred to the account of the beneficiary. The user then can go to the bank to redeem the amount transferred to his/her card. Digitization has certainly brought a huge change.

Raj Sampark: Rajasthan Sampark aims towards providing the residents of the state with a centralized platform where any person of the state can lodge his/ her complaints to the respective Government Departments. It first and foremost consists of a State level Call Centre with incorporated web portal which acts as a single point of contact for addressing and redressing various citizen centric queries and complaints related to government services. Users can file complaints online with the help of this Portal. Users can find information about Rajasthan, the state’s history, profile, districts’ profile, tourism, rural areas, geographic profile, art and culture etc. Details about ministers, governor, chief minister, cabinet, chief secretaries, etc. are also provided on the portal. Users can further access information on E-Governance, citizen’s services such as online bus ticket booking, downloadable forms, acts and policies by the government.

E-Procurement: The eProcurement System of Rajasthan enables the Tenderer to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal. This allows the dealers and buyers to have a track of what happening with the various tenders and what is the update going on with respecting tenders. The website allows the dealers to know the bid opening and closing date, the various announcements, tenders by location, organisation and other classifications.

Raj Mandi: This is another very beneficiary online portal that is benefiting many farmers and local people. This website allows users to check the current rates of all the vegetables, fruits and pulses in the market. It allows users to access the website in two major languages i.e. Hindi and English. The users can see daily rates, weekly and monthly and yearly summary and the information about the marketing board. This initiative by the BJP government in Rajasthan has made the transactions and the daily updates in the mandi transparent helping the farmers, traders and other residents of the country.

The government of Rajasthan has also maintained a website where anyone, anytime of the day, can see the live updates of the various programs and transactions that take place categorized under 4: total, yearly, monthly and per day transaction.

John Chambers, chairman, Cisco, had thumped his support for the digital program by declaring that, “India is set to be the first large digital country in the world”. This is the reality of a dream in the making; a digital dream built with bit and bytes.



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