In 2018 elections, Rajasthan will break the trend of alternating governments, BJP will continue: Prakash Javadekar

There is an air of confusion in the poll-bound states, but one state which is oozing with confidence in the incumbency is desert state Rajasthan. The touristy state recently hosted Union minister Prakash Javadekar who sent out a powerful message for BJP and its governance policies.

He said that BJP will contest the elections on the agenda of development. He also reiterated that the state will be breaking the prolonged trend of alternating governments and that the elections would be fought under the able leadership of CM Raje.

He also appeared quite confident when he challenged Congress to focus on the state’s progress. For Congress, he said that its current version is not operating as a mainstream political party, as it was earlier under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

“Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is becoming irrelevant,” Minister Javedkar said.

“We are going to the public with slogans like ‘BJP fir se’ and ‘fir ek bar, BJP sarkar’ because the trend of the alternate parties’ government is going to break this time. The BJP will have a repeat government,” Minister Javadekar said at a news conference.

Another strong statement which grabbed all limelight quite reflected the reality. He struck a quick contrast between Congress and BJP, when he said that Congress is the party of one family while “the BJP is a party which itself is a family”.

“They have no leadership, neither in the state nor in the Centre. They could not declare their chief ministerial candidate in the state. Sachin Pilot seems to be Rahul Gandhi’s choice, but Gandhi has no courage to declare him as the CM candidate officially,” he said.

He also tried to drive the point home that things like EVM are being questioned by Congress, although they came up in their own rule. “They are talking of ‘kaun banega crorepati’ but this is the time for the people to ask what is their plan to serve the people,” he added.

“We are contesting elections under the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who made the state touch new heights of development. Our national president has already clarified it,” he added.



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