Remya Receives Massive Support on Social Media, On Dropping Marriage After Dowry Demands

Dowry Demand before Marriage

Asking for dowry is a crime in India by law under Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 and subsequently by sections 304B and 498A of the Indian penal Code. Unfortunately, this system is still into practice mostly in rural part of India. A prominent reason behind prevalence of this system is fear of not finding a match for their daughters and social shame associated with it.

However, Remya Ramchandran – a young women of Thissur, Kerala has a completely different stand on the matter. This young lady has recently cancelled her own marriage plans, after groom and his family demanded money and gold as dowry.

Dowry Demand before Marriage-dowry in india

The courageous stand of Remya Ramchandran does not end with this decision, as she has also posted reasons responsible for her decision on social media platform. The post which is an announcement intended for his friends and concerned people read:


Here is an announcement for people asking me about my wedding day. The person, who before the engagement, used to say that he needed just me, is now demanding Rs 5 lakh and 50 sovereigns of gold. Since I am completely against dowry and believe it will be a losing proposition to buy into a family that cannot keep its word, I have decided not to go ahead with this alliance. Thank you.


The post is taking troll on social media, with large number of individuals admiring Remya for her brave and inspiring effort to put an end to illegal custom in Indian society. Although the post has been written in local dialect, yet it has shared by more than 1000 individuals and liked by nearly 5500 on Facebook.

Remya later came up with another post after witnessing this massive support on facebook, in her second post which happened to be in English language extended vote of thanks for those who supported her in her decision, while she also mentioned “I would like to explain that it was my declaration of a decision. Never had an intention to hurt anyone specifically. Please don’t use my post for personalized humiliation ,instead use it against our social norms,” wrote Ramachandran.



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