Rohingya refugees: India sends relief materials to Bangladesh

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To provide humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh which is currently dealing with an influx of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing the violence in Myanmar, India, began Operation Insaniyat. Through the operation 53 tonnes of relief material will be delivered in multiple consignments. The packages shall consists of rice, pulses, ready-to-eat noodles, biscuits, salt, sugar and other essential items. The first lot will reach Chittagong, Bangladesh today.

After August 25th, the violence in Western Myanmar has led thousands of Rohingya fleeing Myanmar. They took refuge in Bangladesh. As per the estimation, approximately 87000 took refuge in Bangladesh since late 2016. This community has been facing challenges since long but now their situation turn deplorable as the country is badly hit by flood.


image credit: indian express

Rohingya is basically an ethnic group, largely comprising Muslims. Most of them live in the Western Myanmar province of Rakhine. They speak a dialect of Bengali, as opposed to the commonly spoken Burmese language. As they have migrated to Myanmar during colonial rule so they have not been granted the full citizenship by Myanmar and still being considered as migrants.

“In response to the humanitarian crisis being faced on account of the large influx of refugees into Bangladesh, Government of India has decided to extend assistance to Bangladesh,” External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi said in a statement.


oh my india
image credit: the hindu


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