Rohit Sharma was spectacular: Made three double hundreds in history of ODIs

Rohit Sharma

It was amazing to see Rohit Sharma making his third double century in ODIs. He was unstoppable when he was on the beast mode. In yesterday’s match with Sri Lanka, Indian captain Rohit Sharma made 100 in just 36 balls. He became the first to make third individual double century in history of ODI. In fact, the ODI Hall of Fame assured for Rohit Sharma with three double hundreds.

Rohit Sharma shared that he has no secret formula for achieving any success. No one has idea about this remarkable achievement that he made. He has the ability to pace his innings well. Hence, he was in position to bat so amazingly. He also shared that he has to use his brain to manipulate the field and use his strength of impeccable timing of ball. He also believes in himself more than his peers.

Rohit Sharma
image credit: indianexpress

What Rohit Sharma said?
“That is style of my play,” Rohit said after his Man of the Match performance in the series leveller. “[Once] you’ve understood what the bowlers are trying to do its all about trying to play with the field… about you not making any mistake and getting out. I am not saying it’s impossible or difficult but its is very unlikely the bowlers are going to get you out once you have scored a hundred.”



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