Salcomp Chargers Gearing Up to Rule Indian Markets

salcomp manufacturing india

Finland-based Salcomp is the world’s largest mobile phone charger making company and it is coming to India. The company has been planning to enter first the Noida region of NCR and Southern India by setting up two factories. These will inhibit a ranged capacity of 100 million units.

Managing director of Salcom India, Sasikumar Gendham has mentioned in one interview that, as far as the employment factor is concerned, the high capacity factories will provide jobs for around 2,500 people all together. All this will fall into place after the government shows them the green flag as the local manufacturing companies are to be pacified by proper incentives before any of this can happen. The Indian Cellular Association, which represents welfare of handset and secondary object makers of India, has already sought an addition to the deadlines to June, 2016 for charger manufacturers and September, 2016 for battery constructors. As mentioned above, the government is awaited to take a step in this matter.

More direct specifics which came from the managing director Gendham himself, are when he said, “We’re looking for leased space in Noida DTA (domestic tariff area) for one factory and another one will be set up in Southern India. We will begin the first factory by second half of this year, with about 40 million peak capacity, and expand to the second in phased manner. An investment of Rs 130-150 crore would be needed for manufacturing at such scale. Just making chargers locally can generate employment for up to 1 lakh people.”

The Union Budget which came out last month stated that the government would increase the levy on imports of tangential products like chargers, headsets, batteries, and speakers. This is to be implemented in order to create a duty differential of almost 27%, if compared with the local manufacturers.

Whereas, local companies like Micromax, Intex are gearing up to increase their production. Adit Infratel, a Gurgaon based company is spending Rs 25 crore to begin manufacturing 60,000 mobile batteries and 20,000 mobile chargers daily from the Manesar plant to start from April’s first week.



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