Salim Bawariya of Rajasthan is suspected to be involved in Bulandshahr Gangrape


The very famous Bawariya Gang of Rajasthan is suspected to be involved in the Bulandshahr Gangrape of a 35-year-old mother and her 14-year-old daughter. The notorious Bawaria Criminal Group used to carry out their activities in the North India and were scattered all over the place. Some of the members of the group are already arrested and now the police are in search of Salim Bawariya – who is the chief and head of the group.

The sources said that the whole gang had gathered for a meeting in a rented accommodation in Bharatpur around 20 days ago. Many members of the gang are active in Bulandshahr and have relations in the district. The sources also revealed that Shahwaiz of Hapur district, who is one of the accused arrested in the case, is an old and notorious associate of the Salim Bawaria gang and has various charges of Loot, rape, snatching, murder and robbery in the areas of many Western UP districts.

A trustable source revealed that “A meeting of Salim Bawaria gang members took place 20 days ago at Salim’s place at Bharatpur in Rajasthan. More than 20 criminals of the gang took part in the meeting. Apart from Shahwaiz, Raisuddin of Sutari village in Bulandshahr and Jabar Singh of Gautam Budh Nagar — two other accused of the gang rape case — were also present in the gathering”.

The information is given to police by Jabar Singh’s wife, who is somehow related to Salim, the head of the gang. It is to be noted that Jabar Singh and His wife were arrested by the police from the Rabupura town in Gautam Buddha Nagar district.

The close source also added that “She also told us the entire gang is divided into groups and they are given a target of a certain sum in every meeting that generally take place after an interval of four-five months. All the groups of the gang meet again at Salim’s place once they meet the target, and collect the sum and valuables from theft, robbery, snatching, etc.”

The police have so far been suspected that seven criminals are allegedly involved in the rape case but police have only been able to arrest three of them so far.

Anees Ahmad Ansari, the Senior Superintendent of Police of Bulandshahr, have confirmed that a massive manhunt program has been launched with the help of special task forces to arrest the main culprit Salim and the other accused of the case.

On the other hand, one of the culprit’s families, Raisuddin of Sutari Village has blamed the police for everything and his father, Sohrab said that “Had he committed a crime, he would have never stayed at his home”. The police had arrested him at 3am in the morning from his residence at the village. “His attendance in Railway records proves that he was at work on Saturday as well. In addition, he has no crime history and never faced sent behind bar any faced any trial,” he added. According to him, his son is innocent and is a simple daily wager who loads and unloads cement bags from goods trains at Bair railway station in Bijnor district.

“If he has no crime record, how can the police claim that the victims’ have identified him from the 2,000 photographs of criminals shown to them? The police itself are claiming that the shameful incident was a handiwork of Bawaria gang. We are not Bawaria. The police are working in haste and falsely framing people to satisfy their political bosses,” he added.



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