Sanjay Dutt Granted 30-days Parole

Sanjay Dutt Granted 30-days Parole

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, convicted n the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts has been granted 30 days parole by the Maharashtra Police. The application was filed on June 2015 referring to Dutt’s daughter’s ill-health. The plea was sanctioned by Pune divisional commissioner on Sunday 24th August. The actor would be out of jail in next few days, after completing due formalities.

Sanjay Dutt Granted 30-days Parole
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The 30-days parole granted on grounds of Dutt’s daughter’s nose surgery, which she will undergo later in September, is extendable by 60 days, which means Sanjay Dutt could stay back home for three months.

The officials of home department say that, the furlough is prisoner’s right in which he can be exempted from punishment for 28 days every year, however this parole is granted in exceptional cases like illness of prisoner or any of his family members. Sanjay Dutt’s sentence began on May 2013, and since then the actor has been out of for 146 days. In October 2013 he was was given furlough with the extension of 14 days only. In January 2014 was again granted 30 days parole, same was extended for 60 days. In December 2014 he qualified for furlough again, this time did not receive any extension, due to media criticism. Vijay Satbir Singh, Principal Secretary (home) in his talk with media said that, “30 days exemption is granted to the convict for the good conduct during the term.”



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