Shah Rukh Khan Dodges a Question on Social Issues in the Wittiest Way Possible! Here’s What Happened!


Shah Rukh Khan is not just the king of Bollywood but also the wittiest man known for his spontaneity and charm. Recently in a Q&A session on Twitter, a fan asked the actor about social issues like the riots in Kashmir and West Bengal, and the Rohingyas’ illegal settlement. However, contrary to the answer that his fan was seeking, SRK had the best possible response.

The fan with the username Wenay_Aradhya tweeted a question, ‘Why don’t u react or give ur views on Kashmir riots..Bengal riots..illegal settlement of Rohingyas, Bangladesh & Missionary activities of conversions in South India??” He even taunted the actor for being confined only to “MAKEUP & Fashion Dress”.

While any other actor would have taken an offence, Shah Rukh not only refrained from answering but also dodged the question in his witty style. Here’s what he tweeted in response:

In this Q&A session, several fans tweeted a wide range of questions and requests including his personal and professional life. Needless to say, the actor had some hilarious and sassy replies to some of the tweets. Mentioned below are some of the best ones from the sessions:

1. When a fan dreamed of SRK having his 4th kid!

2. SRK’s advice on a long distance relationship!

3. When King Khan had a chat with Bhai’s Fan!



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