Shashank Manohar Elected Unopposed as ICC Independent Chairman until 2020


The International Cricket Council on Tuesday revealed that Shashank Manohar is going to continue his tenure as the independent chairman of ICC until 2020. The verdict came out when former England Cricket Board Chief Giles Clarke failed to make it to the post as he didn’t get the required support for his candidature.

Shashank Manohar became the first independent ICC Chairman in 2016 and now he will serve his second two-year term after being elected unopposed for the post. As per the election process, the ICC Directors were allowed to nominate one candidate but he must be either a present or a past ICC Director.

The declaration was made by independent Audit Committee Chairman Edward Quinlan who was responsible for overseeing the election process. However, this verdict was already confirmed during the board’s quarterly meet in Kolkata last month as there was no other candidate in the opposition.

Reportedly, Clarke didn’t have enough support even for the candidature from the England & Wales Cricket Board as the directors found Manohar to be more stable. Notably, the 60-year old independent ICC Chairman is also a former BCCI head and had resigned from the ICC post but was persuaded to re-join.

The ICC officials say that he has never put forth the interest of his home board (BCCI) before ICC and has contributed evenly. In the past two years of his tenure, Manohar has impressed everyone on the board with his significant contributions including reversing the resolutions of 2014 and the appointment of ICC’s first independent female Director.

As he continues to serve for two more years, the ICC is planning to launch global strategy for the sport. In a statement, the independent chairman talked about growing the fame so as to ensure that more of the world can enjoy cricket.



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