Shashi Tharoor is here with another high dose of Vocabulary on Twitter, Check it out!


Shashi Tharoor, the Congress leader who is highly popular for giving Twitterverse its periodic dose of English vocabulary has yet again created a ruckus with his tweet. After tweets containing complex words like “exasperating farrago of distortion”, “rodomontade”, “lalochezia”, and “epicaricacy”, Tharoor has thrown a bunch of new words rhyming with “prurient” and people on twitter are going crazy.

Through a small poem, Tharoor has given the netizens four new words that are not commonly used by people anywhere. In the tweet, he has mentioned that his “mischievous friend” asked him to find a word that rhymes with “prurient” and as we know how proficient Tharoor is, he came up with not just 1 but 3 rhyming words.
Here’s what Shashi Tharoor tweeted:

As soon as people read the tweet, they could not help but praise Tharoor for his knowledge of English vocabulary. While some tried to boast of their own knowledge, others took a dig at him citing the case of Sunanda Pushkar, in which Tharoor is being investigated as a suspect.



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