Sheena Bora Murder Case: The Plot Thickens!

sheena bora case


A woman goes missing in 2012, the police register no FIR as she is presumed to have left for the US. Cut to 2015, Shyam Manohar Rai (43) is arrested in connection to an unidentified pistol and embroiled in a case regarding illegal possession of arms, and on further interrogation he confesses to more crimes. His confessions lead to the reopening of a case involving a burnt corpse, found in a forest near the Pen-Khopoli highway and previously classified as ADR (Accidental Death Report). Enter Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna.
With a plot fit to be considered straight out of a crime thriller, the edge of the seat drama being termed as the most phenomenal murder case of the decade, the Sheena Bora case then got a lot more murkier. What began with the arrest of person, has now become a full blown murder mystery with enough skeletons in the closets to put Jack the Ripper to shame. The murder he confessed was that of Sheena Bora, alleged sister of Indrani Mukerjea wife of top TV honcho and former Star India CEO. Bora went missing in 2012, and was employed with the Reliance group at the time.
The Khar Police picked up Mukerjea from her Mumbai residence in connection to being an accomplice in the murder. However some subsequent reports have brought forward some staggering facts to light, concluding that Sheena Bora was in fact the daughter of Mukerjea from a previous marriage and she also has a son Mikhail Bora. The children were raised by Indrani’s parents in Guwahati and most of the world was oblivious to her bearing these two children.

Rai’s confession that he along with Indrani and one other compliance, later identified as Sanjeev Khanna, has murdered Sheena and disposed her body near a farmhouse in Raigad, also pinned Indrani as the mastermind behind the murder. Based on the leads received in this case, the Khar police have taken Indrani into their custody. Both Indrani and Shyam Rai were produced before the Magistrate at Bandra Court; they would remain in police custody till 31st August, as police suspects more people are involved in this case.

The remains of Sheena are now been brought from Raigad and sent in forensic department for identification. The media tycoon along with his driver Shyam Rai had been booked under Sections 302 (murder) and 201 (manipulating evidences) of the Indian Penal Court.

Although none official statement has been made by any of the higher police officials, regarding Indrani’s confession on this murder case, Peter Mukerjea, son Rahul Mukerjea and Mikhail Bora have given independent statements to the media and are also being questioned by the Police in relation to the case.


The Police have reason to believe it was an honor killing, but there are several other angles to the possible motive for murder, which are being investigated. The step-son, Rahul Mukerjea and Sheena had an ongoing relationship and planned to marry, but Indrani strongly opposed the union. While this is a strong motive, another important motive could be money.

Indrani married peter Mukerjea in 2002, when she was employed in Star India Network as a HR Consultant and Peter was the CEO. Later Indrani Mukherjea has founded 9X media in 2007 and was its CEO. According to media reports 9X media was founded through two companies namely INX Media Pvt Ltd and INX News Pvt Ltd, while Peter was Chairman and CEO of both. The couple left INX Media in 2009. Indrani and her husband were under suspicion of having syphoned off crores from INX Media, in the names of their family members, one of them being Bora. There is a possibility that Bora had refused to return the money, and met this brutal fate.

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While all these are mere speculations, the real story is expected soon, with the Khar Police busy interrogating to crack the case. The arrest of Sanjeev Kapoor on Wednesday in Calcutta is expected to tie some loose ends together.



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