Should bjp go with the Hindutva’s face Sadhvi Pragya against Digvijaya Singh ?

Lok Sabha election is being considered as a high profile seat due to the Bhopal Lok Sabha seat in 2019, due to Congress leader Digvijay Singh. BJP is now insecure as the safe seat, Digvijay’s landing. The name of the famous Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, popularly known as the Malegaon blast case, is being tossed out at the behest of the BJP, challenging Digvijay, who is shouting the word ‘Hindu terrorism’. There was a meeting of RSS in Delhi on Wednesday, after which the discussion on Pragya’s name got swift again.

For more information about this, today’s online team talked with Sadhvi Pragya Singh.Sadhvi did not directly say that his name has been finalized, but in the gestures he has indicated that if the order of the organization is ordered then he is ready to fight the ‘Crusade’

Sadhvi said that Digvijay Singh, who defamed Hinduism in the whole world, called the saffron flag as the form of terrorism, objected on spirituality and renunciation, and stigmatized the national religion; If I have to contest the election against him, I will not go back.

When he was asked that after being named in the Malegaon blast in 2008, you have been away from active politics for a long time. In such a way, the return to active politics and that too against a powerful candidate who has recently played a role in bringing the Congress government in the state, how is it possible?

On this Sadhvi replied that he has been doing politics since childhood. So far he was in the role of Kingmaker, but now if he has to become a king on the order of the organization, he is ready for it. They are a patriot and ready to talk about the nation, to do anything to eliminate the sinner and the evil. Today Digvijay Singh may have been surrounded by a crowd of saints and ascetics but he can not be a real auspicious saint.

When asked if the name of Bhopal Lok Sabha ticket will be announced? Then the Sadhvi responded with confidence and said that the nomination will start on April 16, before the party will have to declare it.

Significantly, the Congress has declared the name of National General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh from Bhopal Lok Sabha seat on March 23. From then onwards, to challenge them, the name of Sadhvi Pragya Singh started to rise loudly. After the acquittal of the Malegaon Blast case, it seems that betting on the face of hardcore Hindutva, BJP seems to be right for the future.


Who is Sadhvi Pragya

Sadhvi Pragya is from a middle class family of Madhya Pradesh. Due to his family background, he joined Sangha and the VHP and then later retired. In the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast, he was arrested on the basis of suspicion. In 2017, he was granted bail without any evidence. On October 23, 2008, Pragya Singh Thakur was arrested in the Malegaon Blast case. On 25th April, 2017, he was released on bail. After that he has recently been released from this case.

Nomination for Bhopal Lok Sabha seat from April 16

Please tell that the Bhopal Lok Sabha seat is going to be held on May 12. For this, the nomination has to be filled on April 16. April 23 is to be scrutinized on the last date of the nomination and on the 24th. On May 12, elections to eight seats in Madhya Pradesh will be held in the sixth phase from which Bhopal is also



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