Some ‘Stereotype Breaking’ By Aman Kumar & His 94 Year Old Grandfather

Aman Kumar & His 94 Year Old Grandfather

Fashion is for everyone. Its dynamic nature superbly involves all genders, choices, ages and whatever category there exists. It is boundary less and the scope of experimentation is so immense that one would never find enclosed within any sort of limits. For fashion, sky’s the limit. Recently Aman Kumar and his grandfather proved this point very well. A farmer granddad got a dapper makeover by his grandson, and the models age which is 94 will just become a normal number after you see what the new makeover brought in him, in words we guess he would say.

dress sense for the older man      This was how I used to carry himself. What else would a 94 year old man and farmer like me wear!

dress sense for the older man Well, hello ladies. Remember me? I’m the same old farmer you just saw. My beloved grandson helped get this side out. What do you think?

dress sense for the older man Ain’t this so cool? I’m actually glad I went along with Aman on this one. Also these shades of his suits me more.

dress sense for the older man To tell you the truth, except the umbrella, nothing is mine. But I’m thinking to keep all of this for myself.

dress sense for the older man Don’t really remember when was the last time I got clicked this much. Aman has promised me my favourite Chai and Samosa after this.

dress sense for the older man Did’nt know even this will be a mainstream restaurant. Aman says it goes with my new look. But my   main focus is on this huge tumbler of tea and good looking samosa.

Haha! We should now leave these two at their fun bonding moments and take a note from their young spirits and zeal and shun any stereotype coming in out way.



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