Sonakshi Sinha ordered headphones online, this is what she got!

Everyone likes finding good deals at online shopping portals. But, product delivery nightmares are the worst thing that can happen to someone? While online shopping may be a convenient option for people, delivery mix ups can ruin the entire experience. And, the latest victim of a similar experience is none other than Bollywood star, Sonakshi Sinha.

Taking to Twitter recently, Sonakshi wrote about her worst online shopping experience ever. The actor had apparently ordered headphones from Amazon recently and when the package came in, she instead received this-

Yes! a rusted iron pieces. She wrote on Twitter, “Hey @amazonIN! Look what i got instead of the @bose headphones i ordered! Properly packed and unopened box, looked legit but only on the outside. Oh and your customer service doesn’t even want to help, that’s what makes it even worse.”

As soon as Sonakshi posted on Twitter about her horrible experience, the tweet garnered a lot of attention on social media. Many criticized Amazon’s poor customer services and trolled the website. Whereas, some saw the funny side of it all and hailed the website for fair treatment. Some tweets-

Some political tinge

Meanwhile, this is what Amazon has to say-

They said, “This is unacceptable! Apologies for the recent ordering experience and the subsequent correspondence with our support team.” Hope, Sonakshi gets her refund back soon.



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