BJP’s Subramanian Swamy sparks fresh row over Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination controversy

Subramanian Swamy sparks over Mahatma Gandhi

BJP Leader Subramanian Swamy sparks a fresh row of discussion in the Indian politics, with his recent comment on Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. Subramanian Swamy is a well-known face in Indian Politics and everything that such political leaders say becomes breaking news. This time, the fuss is relating to the legend popularly known as the “Father of The Nation” aka Mahatma Gandhi. Swamy has commented on Tuesday that Mahatma Gandhi could have survived the attack if he had been hospitalized in time.

This reaction of Swamy came after days of Supreme Court’s pulling of Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi on his allegation that the “RSS people” killed the independence icon. Also, in his statement, Swamy quoted an archive letter of India’s first Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel saying that the Sangh was not behind Gandhi’s death.

Before Swamy’s statement, there were already many controversies regarding the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi which are still unanswered to the nation. Gandhi was the one who led “British Colonised India” onto the path of freedom. But right after attaining independence, Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Godse at the Birla House in New Delhi on 30th January 1948.

Earlier Controversies relating to Gandhi’s Assassination

The various controversies attached to the assassination of Gandhi are as follows:-

  • Why wasn’t Gandhi protected more against such fatal attacks? He should have been safeguarded more as that last week of Gandhi’s life witnessed other previous attacks from his enemies.
  • Was Gandhi’s last words were “Hey Raam” or something else as it is not being confirmed through a reliable source till date.
  • Nathuram Godse, who shot Gandhi on his chest, said in the court that he had shot two bullets but the public prosecutor claimed that three bullets were fired. Meanwhile, some newspapers report that four bullets were fired.
  • No autopsy was conducted which is the most shocking thing about the whole assassination controversy.
  • When Gandhi was shot at the Birla House, then there was an option to take him to Delhi’s Willingdon Hospital, now known as RML Hospital. But instead, Gandhi was kept at the Birla House due to which he couldn’t receive any medical aid in time.

All these questions relating to the murder of Mahatma Gandhi has made it a mystery left unanswered.

Targeting such points, Swamy raised discussions in the Zero Hour in the Rajya Sabha which led to a heated argument between Swamy and other Congress members. Swamy clarified that Modi Government has created National Archives for most of the national figure assassinations and thus luckily, he had the chance to go through them. He gets a dig on Rahul Gandhi by saying that ‘various people’ pass “scurrilous comments” for which Supreme Court had to warn them strictly.

All this heated up the environment in Rajya Sabha leading to a blame game between BJP and Congress due to which nobody could be heard.

After the session got over, the BJP MP confronted media and said that “I have been doing extensive research about this issue from past few days and will surely come up with more details in a pre-scheduled press conference”.

Long way to go, Mr. Swamy and the nation is with you. We all would definitely like to hear the facts behind this high profile assassination which took away our dearest ‘Father of Nation’ from us.



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